What to do when it rains on the day of your photoshoot!

Let's set the scene!

You booked the photo-shoot months ago but had to keep putting it off due to illness and bad weather, so after the third or so reschedule you think; NO! This can't be put off again, what the heck can I do about this. In Dunedin, much like the rest of New Zealand, we are used to having 4 seasons in one day.  There have been times I have called off a shoot due to weather only to find 10 minutes later it is bright and sunny and we could have gone ahead.  On the contrast, I have had times where I show up, do a tonne of shoots, and 2 minutes after the last one the heavens flood over, and I am left trudging home, cold, wet and with dampened spirits.

Model Citizen Photography | Hayley Walmsley | Holy Cow I think She's Gunna Make It

Who doesn't love a good meatloaf quote right! I woke up this morning, and I had to get ready for school, something that can be quite difficult on the best of days.  School has been somewhat of a mixed blessing for me, I love going, I love creating things, and yet at the same time, time itself is a limited commodity and I fear I am rushing towards my doom without having accomplished my dreams yet.

Throwback Thursday Series | 1 | Julia Hope | The George

You know, over the last couple of years there have been so many shoots I havent shared on the blog specifically because each shoot is meant to be accompianied by a blog post and there is only so much writing someone who is not a writer can do lmao. So! Welcome to the Throwback Thursday series where I will choose an old shoot to share and just write a few sentences to back it up instead of an in depth article.

Why are photographers so expensive | Prices, Prices and y'know...prices

I get it, we live in Dunedin, this tiny, cold and damp place where a huge portion of our population doesn't make all that much money. On top of that Dunedin has to have more photographers per capita than anywhere else I have ever lived.  Portrait and wedding photographers galore, commercial and fashion perhaps not so much but hey, maybe the clientelle doesn't really exist for that here (except it does!).

Earthquakes, Epiphanies and Introversion | Kelsey | Rockbourne Gallery

Before we get into this one I have to warn you I am going come off as an egocentric, assholic, and opinionated prick. Generally I don't think I come across that way but every once and awhile it all comes spewing forth in torrents of vehement opinions, overwhelming feelings and an almost scary amount of "omg I could hurt you right now". It's been one of those days. It's actually be one of those days and then a couple more of them thrown in for good measure.

Help a girl out and get some super cool images in the process.

Hey guys so as some of you will know I don't usually do more than the one post in a week but this week I have a special favour to ask! Some of you may have seen the video on my facebook page where I very quickly stated that I had broken a lens but not to worry because it was likely under warranty and I had insurance, well no big ups to the insurance community today!

Finding Inspiration: The myth of motivation | Christiaan

In Brooke Shaden's book Inspiration in Photography she states that “…there are two types of inspiration. There is internal inspiration, which comes to us from our own experiences and perceptions of the world, and there is external inspiration, which comes from other people”[1].  Many artists choose to believe that the only, or best time to work are those very rare times when inspiration hits them, like a light bulb turning on in a dark room- artists who choose to believe this are limiting themselves. Waiting for inspiration as if it comes only from outside of ourselves limits artists to working only when it does come around; when if we know how to find it, inspiration can be found anywhere. Inspiration is not an all elusive concept that dangles like a prize just out of reach, artists are not Tantalus, perpetually reaching and never grasping the golden apple that is inspiration.

Make your move before you're ready | Jasmine M | Christchurch Botanic Gardens

I dont know about you guys but I have always been one of those people who will have the tiniest idea of a concept that will work for me and leap into it, growing my wings on the way down.  It's how I ended up moving to Dunedin on a whim in 2004 and look how that has turned out! I love it here.  It's also how I ended up with this business that I put so much efffort into day in and day out.  I am fortunate to have had quite an amazing life, having had the opportunity to work in and on my business, and help so many people get amazing pictures of themselves and boost their confidence in the process.

Random Ramblings | Kopare | Rockbourne Gallery Dunedin

Last week I wrote a blog post that was shared 107 times at this time plus another 20 direct on facebook!  It was seem by 6000 people on Facebook, and my website saw more traffic than it has seen in its entire lifetime! I had 66 emails in 3 days and they are still coming in, I guess I struck a chord with many. many people when I said women are beautiful at every age.

Personal Project number 1: Beauty at any age | Casting Call Dunedin

It's time to kick off 2016 with a bang and talk about something that I feel quite strongly about.  Beautiful images of beautiful women. Here's the thing, I want to celebrate every woman, I am often asked what my target market is and honestly the majority of the women who hire me are between the ages of 18-25 but i don't consider them to be my target market. Don't get me wrong I dont mind at all, but the whole idea behind my business was every woman is beautiful and I really feel that my target market is quite simply: female, yup if youre female its you! Sometimes I get messages asking if I will photograph someone because "I know you don't do older people but..." rubbish I don't shoot older people. I love shooting older people, I love shooting younger people and age really isn't a factor for me! I would be lying if i didn't say that it actually hurts when I see these messages in my inbox. So, I am doing something about it!

Change your reality in 2016 | It's Butt Kicking Time! 3 step process

Now that's a scary thought, 2015 went by so fast I can barely remember jan 2nd through to christmas, it's true our perception of time seeems to speed up as we get older. What are you going to do to improve on this last year gone? It's the time of year when people start thinking about resolutions and while I am not particularly one for "resolutions" I totally believe in setting goals and working towards them.  I know many people who have had incredibly bad years, and to be honest my year has had a few ups and downs itself.  But this isn't about goals or resolutions it's a butt kicking (that happens to involve choosing a new destination!)!