It's a goodie this week folks!  Special thanks to Becky who features in our gallery above.

Being a photographer I see a lot of things and one I love to see is confidence. Easily captured with my camera, clients whose pores ooze confidence during a photoshoot display one of life’s most desired characteristics – sex appeal.

Five Reasons Confidence Makes You Sexy

  1. Confidence gets you noticed

    It must be some sort of magnetism, but we seem to be drawn to people who are outwardly confident. Some say it is human nature that we want to be around confident people because they are more likely to make a great partner in life. Or to put it bluntly, can probably produce fantastic children and bring them up successfully. Sexy eh? 
  2. Confidence lets you be yourself

    Why be yourself when you can be a unicorn? Unless you are confident, then be yourself. While it seems that the whole world wants us to be someone we’re not, being you is being true to yourself and the world. Nothing is sexier than being able to express yourself physically and emotionally to others.
  3. Confidence lets you ask for what you want

    We all have needs, but confident people are not afraid to ask for what they want. Having your needs met is important, yet so many of us are afraid to voice them. As a photographer I am not afraid to ask for what I want from my clients in order to achieve the photos I want. As my client, you too should ask for what you want from me, so it is a win-win for us all! I could have gone into how some people find asking for what you want in the bedroom sexy, but I’ll leave that for your imagination.
  4. Confidence makes you happy

    Positivity pours from those of us who are confident. Everyone enjoys being around happy people and their positivity sparks more happiness and wonderful thoughts. Know that phrase, ‘when you smile the whole world smiles with you?’ Well it’s true, so be confident in yourself! Those smiles are sexy for a reason after all!
  5. Confidence lets you accept yourself

    Okay so we all can’t be perfect and nor should we want to be. Accepting yourself means letting go of all the negative thoughts about what you look like and not giving a toss about what others think of your appearance. During a photoshoot there is nothing worse than posing in a way you think is wrong for you. Be confident, move and pose your body like it is meant to be – like you, you sexy thing!

While there is a lot of advice out there on how to become confident, know that confidence comes from within. If you haven’t got much confidence at the moment, you can still fake it till you make it!


Anyway, see y'all soon but feel free to check out our archives if you can't wait till then!