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Model Citizzen Photography, Hayley Walmsley, Model: Sergey Onischenko, Location Dunedin Railway Station, 2015.

Model Citizzen Photography, Hayley Walmsley, Model: Sergey Onischenko, Location Dunedin Railway Station, 2015.

Lets keep our cool, act with dignity and respect one another.  It's how we expect others to treat us, so lets begin with the (wo)man in the mirror!

So firstly, I just want to clarify that anything found on this website can be considered the authors point of view.  Generally that will be me (Hayley), however on occasion or in the future it is possibly likely that we will have gest posts in some form or another..  In this case all articles will be vetted to ensure they fit with our unique blend of awesome-sauce, humour and positive undertones.

I do not expect everyone to agree with me, and I believe differing opinions are what make a community robust and able to build an envronment that encourages robust disccusion about a post or comment on any of the stuff you can find on this website. Discussion, differing points of view and even arguments can encourage learning and ideas.

If you see something that you do not agree with I encourage you wholeheartedly to attack it with fervour, I brought my big girl panties with me, I can take it, and you never know, my opinion may change.  If you are passionate about a topic all the better! What kind of asswipe would discourge passion? NOT ME!

I love that you wonderful, crazy, sexy, cool people would spend time coming up with comments to share with us, and I love that I get to work with some super talented people.  All of whom I believe are gorgeous and special in thier owwn unique ways.  I understand that not every single person who will be featured on here will be everyones cup of tea, and that sometimes your own morals or religious inlinations amongst other things may be offended by some of the people who appear on this website.  However I do expect you to treat them with respect

All of the above aside, there are some rules around common descency and what is and isn't ok that need to be addressed.  The majority of the people who comment on this site, on our fb and instagram etc are amazing, wonderful and kind-hearted people,  But just incase you need a reminder...

We treat guests and each other with respect A.L.W.A.Y.S

We do not and never will tolerate bigotry, hate, xenophobism, racism, sexism, (most of the bad connotation isms), profanity that is aimed at someone, profanity that is hardcore, I dont know anyone who doesnt say shit or crap so eh, we slip up its all good.

We do not tolerate threats

We build each other up.

I want the comments to be as useful as possible to all of our readers and,while99% of comments are awesome,  will remove these without mercy:

  • Harassing comments: While conversation and the sharing of different ideas is encouraged, all comments need to be respectful towards our contributors and those leaving comments.
  • Anonymous comments: We only accept comments from people who identify themselves.
  • Promotional comments: If a comment is solely promotional in nature, we will remove it from the site.
  • Spam, no one likes that stuff

Just have a think before you post, is it kind, is it thoughtful, does it add to the discussion and would you say it to your grandma?

Lets all act like the adults we are! Finally, I reserve the right to delete or moderate any comments that violate these rules.  Please understand that I am a one woman team, and that sometimes things slip through the cracks.  So if you come across something that is offensive and violates the rules stated above, or if you have a question or require some clarification, then please use our contact page to message me!

It is only with your help that we can all keep this awesome place positive, fun and welcoming for all sorts of wonderful people from our community!