Ahhhh Christmas, the time of year when people need to unwrap manners!
A recent engagement shoot from St Clair- see how in love they are, see them not being phased by all the stuff!

A recent engagement shoot from St Clair- see how in love they are, see them not being phased by all the stuff!

It's that time of year isn't it folks!  Everyone goes a little crazy in the lead up to christmas, personally I find myself affected by the chaos that is surrounding me. Just a couple of days ago I found myself in the warehouse, strolling along looking for christmas presents for mr T, when a random woman felt it her right to push the trolley back into me, swear at me and walk off muttering "well, some people"in that tone that lets you know she totally knew she was in the wrong but how dare someone not pay attention to her.  What was I doing that was so bad? My trolley was blocking a half foot of space in between two piles of pallets that had stuff on them.  Both the gap ahead of me and the gap behind me were the 3-4 foot gaps so it really wasn't a problem when you choose to think of anyone else but yourself. Even a simple "excuse me" would have sufficed!

Is it really that difficult? We are all taught from a young age that manners are important, thinking of other people is important, and sharing is important (admittedly sharing is totally unnatural and I find it hilarious that we humans would go so far against the grain to teach our children something we ourselves do not want to do, but thats a story for another day). Back on track, we're talking about rude people, people with no manners, people who are walking off in a huff at some imagined mistreatment of thier rather inflated selves. Cool it down christmas bunnies! It's the season for cheer, happiness and good will! If you can't find a bargain at the Warehouse where will you after all! (Kmart- Kmart is the answer to that question)

So, if you're having a hard time with all the crazy about, I hear ya sister!  Not only has my personal life been plagued with examples like the above, but I am finding people have started to get a bit pushy and rude when it comes to work too! Rest assured I will get to your emails as I can, I will get your edits out as I can and I will send you lots of lovely christmas cheer when I get to it too.  You know how you're busy at this time of year. So am I, so are the print labs and so is the post, everyone is at capaciy and some politeness and patience will go a long way especially given that none of us want to do a bad job.

I am limiting my responses on facebook to a couple of hours a day because I am getting so many messages asking when I will have peoples stuff ready that I am finding myself with a surprising lack of time to actually do the work people are aking me to do. So cool down like a cucumber, rest assured that I will totally get back to y'all when I do have facebook time, but that unless it is urgent (in which case email me) it may take me a few hours longer than I would usually.

Slow your boats, enjoy what is left of 2015 and remember shopping is not the reason for the season, if you find yourself getting stressed out at all the little things, take a step back and breathe!  It will all be over soon, the christmas gremlins will go back into hiding untill next year and we can enjoy what better be a killer summer (you hear that universe we want lots of books, sun, sand and water, no sunburn, perfect tans, and awesome people to spend it with!)

Cheers, to holiday spirit and all the seasonal BS that goes with it huh!  For thos of you wanting to shoot I do still have a couple of slots left before the xmas/new year break and other than stat days I will be working through, I have a little bit of a backlog when it comes to editing due to some super hefty orders that have come through (woo hoo go me!).  But, I don't want to get to the end of the holiday season and find that I don't have any work! So if you are hanging around Dunedin or Christchurch for the summer I'll be kicking around too! These are my upcoming shoot days

Scroll down for Info!

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Saturday 19th December (2 slots one at 3pm one at 3.30 pm)
Satuday 9th January (several slots left between 7am-7pm)
Saturday 23 January - Bookings taken from now!!!


Sunday-Monday 17-18 Jan
Sunday 14th February (valentines shoots anyone?)

Mini-sessions: $225 (including GST) 30 minute session with 3 fully edited images printed, plus a gallery or in person session to choose them and any other pics you want!

Full Sessions: $380 (including GST) 1.5 hour shoot, 3 outfit changes and comes with 5 fully edited images printed plus a gallery or in person session to choose them and any other pics you want!

Prints and product packages plus an a la carte menu to purchase from are available for all shoots.

Maybe this is how you can grant yourself some time out to get over the xmas gremlins who came out to play and wreak havok on us poor unsuspecting souls!

I want you guys to know that I think you're awesome- I just think you are even more awesome when you remember your p's and q's.