F.A.Q What if I don't like my pictures
model citizen pphotography christchurch, christchurch photographer, model: ella, 200 riccarton

Seriously? You really have to ask that?

Ok, ok serious answer it is then!

There is always some chance that when you have a photoshoot whether it is with Model Citizen Photography or anyone else that you may dislike the resulting images.  Sometimes it may have been an off day either for yourself or for me, othertimes it may just be a case of disliking yourself to the point you can't see the beauty that I did.  Much of the issues where you hear of people not liking thier images result from either hiring a photographer who cannot deliver or having exxpectations above that of your budget.  Other issues may arise from a lack of communication and that is why I have everyone go through a consultation where we discuss everything, and then have a viewing session, this viewing session is where you see your images for the first time and assuming I have stuck to the brief agreed upon, there really should be no reason why you would disslike your images. However if there is a reason why you do dislike your images here is what I can do to help you out of a funk!

1. Be Honest- do you dislike them because they are bad or do you dislike them because you don't like youself and/or how you look.  Is there something that specificlly disturbs you about them?  Perhaps you have never liked your arms for instance and you feel they look too big,  maybe you don't think you actually look like you, maybe they look too much like you and you were hoping to be photoshopped into your favorite supermodel.  No matter what the reason is, I cannot do anything about it if I don't know what the issue is, so spend a few minutes thinking about what it is and then let me know so wwe can discuss if it is something I can fix for you.

2. Remember we don't have a minimum order- yup that's right,  I wan't you to love your images, I genuinely mean that which is why if you don't like them I am not going to hold you down and force you to buy them.  I can tell you that I have never had someone do this, but that is not to say it wont happen in the future, be prepared huh! And, al of this is well and good, but if you went to all that trouble to do the shoot and you don't like the images do you really want to just walk away with nothing?

model citizen pphotography christchurch, christchurch photographer, model: ella, 200 riccarton

3. Reshoot- For free- if you would still like images but there were just none you really liked I will use my discretion and offer you another shoot on the house.  If it is not something that I could fix up, say if youre just really down on yourself, or you didn't like what you were wearing then I would probably say its best to move on and help you choose some that you can be proud of.  But if say I did a bad job and they were all blurry (not gunna happen but just as an example), or we were in the middle of shooting and you got jumped on by a feral cat and as a result you have the crazy eyes in every photo, then yeah we can totally reshoot that shizz!

4. Refunds ok again I want you to be happy,  but I also want to eat!  It is very rare I will give a refund, it has never even come up before however, if the fault was 100% on my side and I didn't think I could produce the results you wanted, I would try to refer you to someone else and refund your session fee.

I hope this has been helpful, and remember I am an open and honest person so if you ever have any questions you can either leave a comment or use the contact page to send me a private message.

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