Change your reality in 2016 | It's Butt Kicking Time! 3 step process

2016 is nearly here!

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Now that's a scary thought, 2015 went by so fast I can barely remember jan 2nd through to christmas, it's true our perception of time seeems to speed up as we get older. What are you going to do to improve on this last year gone? It's the time of year when people start thinking about resolutions and while I am not particularly one for "resolutions" I totally believe in setting goals and working towards them.  I know many people who have had incredibly bad years, and to be honest my year has had a few ups and downs itself.  But this isn't about goals or resolutions it's a butt kicking (that happens to involve choosing a new destination!)!

Nothing changes if you don't do something different!

So many people spend so much time complaining that they fail to see the good in their lives, they also tend to not do anything to change their circumstances, which in itself pissses me off!  Honestly, what kind of rights do you have to be complaining if you are just not prepared to do anything about it? But Hayley, it's out of my control I hear you muttering, maybe it is, maybe it isn't, but nothing will change if you don't do anything differently now will it?

If you're stuck in a dead end job you hate but it pays the bills, if you're not happy and want to be, if you think you're hideously fat and want to lose weight, if you're financially unstable and want to have more money in the bank, let me tell you there is something better, you can do better, you can be better, and you can get there.

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We all have those mind blocks that hold us back, tust me, my mind is a hive mosst of the time, screaming at me about this or that and how "not good enough" I am.  I choose to ignore it most of the time because I am awesome. Just remember it's the journey, not the destination that is key.  Why is that? Well to put it simply, without the journey the destination isn't sure and cannot materialise.  A word of warning though, if you don't have a destination, how do you know where your journey needs to take you?

1. Choose a destination

As humans, we can be pulled in a thousand different directions at once, within our daily lives there is so much we need to do, have to do, want to do, can't do, that we can get a little bogged down.  We need to cut through the crap and figure out what is important to us. Here is a list of things you might want to try improving this year:

  • managing stress levels better
  • mindfulness
  • weight
  • finances
  • business growth
  • faster running time or a longer running distance
  • general fitness
  • time management
  • keeping a tidier house
  • doing more of the thing you love
  • moving towards a job/business you have wanted to do FOREVER
  • travelling
  • stop putting up with bullshit
  • making friends
  • being a better person
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Once you have chosen a general destination, either one of the ones above or one that is competely personal to you it's time to give yourself the hard word and plan. As the saying goes

"Failure to plan is planning to fail" Alan Lakin

Alan wasn't the only one to have these thoughts, he was in good company with Winston Churchill and Benjamin Franklin saying incredibly similar statements.  That is to say, this isn't a new idea, AND its bloody solid advice!

So far however, we only have a general destination, I have several destinations I am currently working towards and one of them is becoming healthier a byproduct of which is losing weight, it's not for anyone else, it's for me, I totally find it embarassing to look the way I do and have been working to change it, but I am not just talking about my rotund tummy here nope, bad skin, bad breath, bad moods and constant dehydration are just not cool, and neither is my high dependence on sugary stuff and the inability to stop myself from eating it if i start (but more on that another time).  Here is the issue with only having a general destination, "becoming healthier" has no definitions yet and how in the world are you supposed to move towards "being healthy" if it has no definitions?

2.Defining your destination

  Continuing on with "being healthy" we have to determine what being healthy looks like or what having less stress looks like or what travelling looks like, FOR YOU! Remember it's not about anyone else, this is your life, you are the creator of it and you are the person who ultimately has last say on what you get up to with it!

So, what does it look like for you?

What are you going to do differently?

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  • What does your ultimate "result" look like?
  • What are you willing to do to get there?
  • What are you not willing to do to get there?
  • Who can help you with this goal?
  • Who can you be accountable to?
  • Do you have a friend or family member who might like to come along for the ride?
  • When are you going to start? Pick a date and stick with it (there is no time like the present)
  • Do you need to have a period of research to figure out the best way to do it? Factor it in!
  • What are the logistics, if you want to save do you need to set up a new savings account? If you are going to go to the gym what gym, and when, and how are you going to get there?
  • What can you do that will guarantee your success?
  • What does failure look like?
  • How will failure effect you?

A few notes;

Ask all the questions now, one of the most important questions you can ask is what could happen if I fail, If you answer this question in detail it can fuel you towards your goals as you know exactly whats at stake if you fail.

Don't spend so much time in this phase that you get analysis paralysis! You know, that thing where you think about it so much that you freeze and have no clue where to start.  The trick is to spend enough time that you know what you're going to do and what it looks like and then map it out.

3. Mapping out the Journey

So you know what the goal is, you know with specificity what you are wanting to achieve and what you are trying to avoid...what next?

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Plan it out and break it down into easy to manage steps, 60kg is a lot to lose, but 10kg is more managable right? 10 minutes a day of colouring in for mindfulness or 10 minutes of planning out your day before you go to bed for instance and you don't need to worry about it!

Even more so, you can use this to map out your bench marks, once you know for instance that you want 5 new clients a month, or you want to lose 4kg as your first goal towards a healthier waistline you can map out what you are going to do and how you are going to get there.

For me, my goal of being healthier means I am working on mini goals, adding in one good habit a month which will replace a not so good for me habit.  For example I am drinking the reccomended water intake for my body size each day, anything I drink over and above that can be whatever I want to drink as long as I have drunk all my water. To be honest that means that when I drank lemonade for the first time in months today I found I no longer like it! But that is all about moving towards a healthier lifestyle isn't it! I have also included a salad with every single meal for the last month (yup including xmas dinner) And this is part of my eating 50% raw food challenge.  Next up is cutting down on breads...think i'm worried, not in any way shape or form, mostly because I barely eat carbs other than the odd starchy vegetabl anyway! And bread is ok, just not all the time for me!

To Recap

1. Pick a goal
2. Define your destination
3.Map out the journey


If all this has made you just a little bit excited then read up on s.m.a.r.t goals.  What are you going to do differently with your 2016? I always love to hear from y'all so let me know in the comments

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