Scouts Motto: Be Prepared and how I learned this the hard way | Wallis Brothers | Dunedin

There is nothing more embarrassing that rocking up to a photoshoot assuming you are prepared and then it turns out you are not.  Ok, maybe that one time I was on a photoshoot walking across a bridge and my pantyhose rolled all the way down to my ankles, but that verged on mortifying rather than professionally embarrassing.  But these things happen to all of us at some stageannd if we don't learn from them and move on then what good are we to annyone, including ourselves!

So I was meeting the lovely Wallis Brothers (you can follow them on instagram here) for a photoshoot and when we got to our location it turned out to be completely different light wise, there were more cars around and it just wasnt as goodly aas it was meant to be.  We decided to go ahead with the shoot and just see what we could get from the location anyway.  Which turned out to be not much.

My battery went flat and when I went to put the other one in my camera that one was not going at all, not because it was flat because it had been on a charger all night (which was why i hadn't charged the other in the first place).  It turns out when I had brought my caamera that one of the batteries that came with it was a third party battery that didnt charge on the canon specific charger.  This was only the second or third time out with the camera so I hadnt known this untill then.

So to make the best of a bad situation I whipped my phone out.  This was indeed one of the reasons I had bought the thing.  I have a Sony xperia z2, and while I wouldnt trust it to do as good a job as my giant Canon it takes super adequate pics.  The results of which you can see above.

If you follow me on Instagram (the main reason i bought the z2), you will see a lot more of my cell phone pics along with my fully edited professional ones.  If youre not following me on there you can follow me either for model citizen or heritage food (for those of you who didnt know I also have a food blog yup).  Feel free to do both but I definitely see the irony of taking mouthwatering photos of food and all you gorgeous people!

Anyway I have wandered just ever so slightly off-topic here so lets get back on track.

Considering that I took the pics in the gallery of Theo above on my phone I was pretty happy with the results, they were taaken on a freezing day, im cold just thinking about it, and having my batteries crap out left a terrible taste in my mouth, so I fixed it so it will never happen again.

The first thing I did after leaving the incredibly short photoshoot was stop by Jonathans Photo Warehouse and pick myself up a spare battery (bringing my total up to 3),  Then I went and spoke with Mark from Phototools and he suggested I get a third party battery charger which would charge the third party battery (plus all the others).  This has been a life saver because I can also charge 2 batteries at the same time now (woot go me).

I also changed some protocols so that instead of charging the day before a shoot batteries go straight on the charger the same day they go flat.  With 3 batteries that means there is always 3 fully charged batties in my bag on shoot day.

So as embarrassing as this day was professionally for me, It taught me some lessons I had forgotten since being a noob.  Sometimes it is these kick in the butts that help move us towards bigger and greater things.

What about you?  Have you ever done something at work like this that makes you cring when you think about it?  Let me know in the comments!