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How one should act in a public forum

It pains me to say this, it really does but some people are just not cut out to interact with people in public.  Whose fault that is a different matter entirely but the issue with the internet as everyone knows is that there is no visual context. There is nothing to say give you an idea of the tone of voice or subliminal meaning that we as humans can pick up on in person almost immediately. And what does this lead to? MISUNDERSTANDINGS! So todays post may be a tad rambly but let’s get on with it shall we...

One of the ways I find models for some of the commercial and personal work I do at Model Citizen is by belonging to a bunch of Facebook groups and forums and a few things that help me to find someone suitable but they are not just looks, I want to talk today about attitude, etiquette and manners, you see I and plenty of other serious photographers not only keep lists of people I want to work with but also a list of people I don’t.

You are being judged people, and measured, and if you come up short it is not going to be good for you.  I mean who wants to work with someone who comes across as mean and overly opinionated, i know I don’t.  The sad thing is I also know that often attitude in forums is not who the person is, but in an industry where reputation is everything and the internet is a major part of our lives, I believe that image extends to how we view people treating others in forum settings.  I have plenty of photographers and models on my personal profiles and i would have to say that some of the stuff we say in “private” can be not very nice,  no one is perfect, everyone has opinions but it is about voicing them at the right time and not being an ass where potential work people can see.  You wouldn’t do it in person so watch what you say in public online.  And with that in mind here are some idea to think about before commenting or posting in public…


  • Keep it friendly
  • Keep it professional (this is something you want to do as a job right? so treat it like one)
  • Do not be afraid to show some attitude if it is who you are just keep it appropriate for where you are posting
  • Make sure what you have typed is clear and concise and is depicting you the way you want to be depicted give context where needed.



  • Use your manners
  • Be polite
  • Dont be an ass unless you mean to be an ass
  • Where you have something you think would be helpful but is not replying to the original post consider sending a private message. Keep personal conversations to a minimum and arguments out of the public eye. Airing of grievances is best done through private messages.
  • In keeping with the above remember how easy it is to copy and paste or screen shot, always keep it respectful and polite even if you disagree with someone.  It is fine to call someone an idiot if they are being an idiot, just do it diplomatically and with compassion.
  • Is what you are posting thoughtful, relevant and contain all the information it needs to get the response you want?
  • Is what you are posting relevant to the group you are posting to? If it’s not quite what you usually see is there somewhere better suited?
  • (jokingly) If you find the idiocy levels too high, leave the group
  • Think about other people’s feelings first it’s not all about maximizing your personal convenience this goes for both your posts and replying to others, make it as easy for them as you can!


  • Please and thank you go a long way
  • Allow others to have an opinion
  • Chew with your mouth closed! (yeah not really relevant here but it irks me to no end)

Finally,  Just think about how you want people to portray you,  I am sure it would be a shock to some people if they were to approach me for a shoot finding that I actually have them on my list of people not to work with!  Which only happens when I note you as being difficult in online forums or have many crosses stacked against you.  It sounds harsh and maybe even fickle to some, but the reason I am able to love this job so much is because I am so careful about who gets some of my time and who doesn't, plus hey, it never hurts to be nice to people.

Photographer: Hayley Walmsley and Christiaan Gough
Model: Chontelle De La Croix
Assisted By: Christiaan Gough
Location: Bottle lake forest, Christchurch