Prancing around in your underwear| 10 tips to own your boudoir shoot | Jacinda Boocock

Keeping those nerves at bay while prancing around in your undies is more difficult than I would ever have imagined!

Which is why I have the utmost respect for anyone like Jacinda here who manages to do it so naturally!  If you have been considering a boudoir shoot here are a few tips for you to help you ease into it!

Boudoir by definition is a rather personal affair and unlike glamour is generally between a photographer and a client who has never done this type of thing before and the pictures are some what private.  You don't expect anyone elsse t be seeing them other than yourself and whomever you choose to show them to.  Often these images are a gift for a significant other or a confidence boost for yourself, and so one of the major reasons people put off having one specifically because they worry that the images will end up on facebook, the photographers website or other places online where the general public might see them.  Rest assured, we only put up images with express permission!

Ten Tips to help your boudoir shoot!

  1. Amazng hair and make up is a must!

    If you are investing a huge amount in your photography session the last thing you want is for your hair and make up to let you down!  If you are not all that confident in your makeup abilities I highly suggest you hire a HMUA (Hair and makeup artist).  There are people to suit every budget and they are well worth the money!  I have a bunch of preffered providers in Dunedin and Christchurch, so if youre looking let me know and I can send you in the right direction.
  2. Wardrobe

    If at all possible make sure you're not showing up to a boudoir shoot with dowdy old underwear.  Now ofcourse boudoir is not specifically or only about lingerie shots, like I said up above; boudoir is a person shoot which means that it is not reliant on you being seen only in your underwear.  I have had women through in everything from lingerie to their partners shirts, to gorgeous gowns. Remember sexy doesn't necessarily mean less clothing, and everyones comfort levels are different.
  3. Props and Accesories

    Props and accessories can totally make a shoot.  Props such as a feather, jewellery, perfume bottles and many other things can help keep your hands busy and give a purpose to the shot.  When packing for your shoot I suggest packing additional shoes, jewellery and props for quick and easily changeable looks.  (I also suggest adding bobbypins to your kit!)
  4. Primping and Preening

    Make sure all the waxing and plucking is done enough in advance that its remnants are not visibly noticeable, but not so far in advance that you have regrowth (the same goes for your hair if you dye it!).
  5. Give yourself plenty of time

    One of the major questions I get asked is timing of shoots.  Both in terms of total amount of time it will take from booking to getting your final images and why the shoot itself is so long.  Because of the personal nature of the shoots we always organise a longer shoot so that you have time to relax into it and still get the images you want.  The lead up time will depend on when you want to have the sshoot while our perssoonal back end time is around 2 weeks to a month average.  We will always keep you up to date with where we are up to and get your images to you by a specific datebut we highly suggest you organising your shoot with plenty of turnaround time to make sure!
  6. Skin

    Please, please please do not over tan before a photosession,  bad fake tans are one of the most difficult things to photoshop in the entire world!  Again there are preffered vendors who will do an amazing job if you just cant be without a natural looking tan.  I do suggest moisturising and bringing mousturiser with you.  It will give you a dewy glow that photographs well.  Don't change your regime days before your shoot. and dont worry about the odd pimple wwe can get rid of those easily without making you not look like yourself.
  7. Diet and Water

    Ok so this one may be a tad controversial if you don't read it through to the end!  If you want the best from your session try and cut out as much sugar and processed food (along with some carbs) for atleast a week before the shoot.  This is not to induce rapid weightloss or indeed any weight loss, but your skin will totally thank you for it and you will look amazing.  Plus lets face it- do we really need that chocolate bar every single day?  Water! Water and more water.  The more hydrated you are the better your skin will be.  Bloat and grey skin are not a good look and these are 2 of the best and easiest ways to make sure youre looking as amazing as possible in your pics.
  8. Sleep

    As with the above, you will look your best if you have slept well the night before.
  9. Don't drink the night before

    Limit alcohol the night before a shoot,  even if youre on time on the day I will be able to tell and your eyes will not be as bright as they should be!
  10. Remember to have fun

    all of the above being said there is nothing sexier than confidence, so remember to have fun with it and rock that shoot like you own it!  Don't be afraid to try new things and remember that it is the photographers job to make you look as good as humanly possible so if you have gone with a good photographer you can totally relax and enjoy yourself knowing you're in good hands.

    Special thanks to the lovely Jacinda who features in our gallery this week. You can find her modelling page on facebook.

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