Oh the Embarrasssment! | Payment and all that other stuff | Jonny Shaw - St Clair Beach | Dunedin

There is nothing worse than…

Not knowing the proper way to handle giving money to someone for their services is there.  Hmmm I should probably reword that LOL.  But you know what I mean!

It gets especially confusing when the company has various different pricing plans and you have no clue what applies to you.

So I thought I would explain all the difficult stuff including when and how to pay for our services, but first how about a story…


How my son made me realise I needed to address this!

Imagine this,  recently I took my son on a dusk shoot at the beach so he could hold the off camera flash for me while I took some images of the super awesomeness that is Jonny (Images featured in the gallery above).  We had had a pretty good time and I knew I had some great shots.  I had already told Jonny that I would get him to sign the required paperwork at the end of the shoot because we were losing light fast and I wanted some great backlit shots.  Fast forward from the start of the shoot to the end and I am putting my camera in my bag and pulling out the paper work when My son loudly states “you need to pay my Mum now, otherwise we won’t have enough money for dinner”.

I was absolutely mortified to say the least, especially because being an 8 year old he had completely mangled what I had said in the first place (which was “after we’re finished at the shoot if youre good we will get takeaways”). But its all gravy.  I don’t particularly feel like dwelling on the absolutely sink into the ground embarrassment I am awash with over things like this, so after squeaking out an “oh my gosh I can’t believe you just said that…and it’s not true”.  It was all good we got paid, my child got his takeaways and everything turned out great but it did highlight a few things for me and thats what I am going to cover below.

When Do I pay… And what does it cover?

No matter what we always take a non refundable deposit, this is to secure your date and time, the reason it is non-refundable is to cover my costs if you do not show up or something else happens which means I have incurred costs and need to cover them, so far this has not been an issue and on occasion I have been known to refund at my discretion.  You pay your session fee either in a lump sum or deposit and then balance by  depositing into my bank account to show up paid in full before the day of the shoot  OR you pay your deposit and then the balance in cash on the day.  Without paying for the session things can get a little sticky as I have had a few people have a shoot and then just not pay for it. 

The money you pay at this stage covers the shoot itself, standard editing time, my travel, insurances and operating expenses along with any prints/files that are included in the specific deal that you have signed up for.  It must be paid for in full by the time of your sitting or else I will not start editing or release anything untill payment has been made (total downer I know but sometimes it's about covering your own butt right!).

What about prints and other products?

Fine art prints, albums, acrylics and canvases are just some of the things we offer along with our standard prints.  About a week after your intial sitting you will come for a viewing session or if you are out of town you can opt to receive a gallery online, this is where you get to pick your images and what types of products you want them to be turned into.  This is the only time you can order and while we have no minimum order amount if you do want to order again there is a deposit due on the day or within 2 weeks into our allocated bank account or you can choose to do a lump sum payment.

Please note: I will not order any products untill payment has been made in full.  As gorgeous as you are I do not need pictures of you all hanging on my walls…they need to be in your homes and enjoyed by you and your loved ones.


I would LOVE a shoot, but I can’t afford large lump sum payments, Is there anything we can do about that?


YES. In the cases of session fees AND your print/product purchases we can set up a payment plan. As above, the session will not go ahead untill final payment has been made, and products will not be ordered untill full payment has been made also.  However, I totally understand that this needs to fit into a variety of budgets so we are totally able to spread payments out over 4-6 payments like a layby.  Our maximum term for this is 3 months unless it is for something more expensive like a wedding.  Weddings can be cut up evenly into monthly payments with the final balance due 2 weeks before the wedding date.  The simple fact is, I would love to work with you and I am willing to come up with a plan that would suit you, so please don't be shy in asking!

I hope this has answered some questions you might have had about this whole thing to do with payment, when to pay, what it covers and payment plans.  If you would like to book a shoot or have any questions at all please use the contact form below

Lots of Love


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