Part 2: Exercises for finding inspiration | Shyana

You know, the best thing about inspiration is that it doesn't have to be a big deal.  In this second part blog post that is following on from yesterdays (you can find that here) if you havent read it) Im going to let you know a few of the specific exercises I use to come up with bountiful ideas for photoshoots and creative thinking.

Exercise 1

Draw up a chart with 4 separate coloumns.  Label each column with wardrobe, colour, location, props (or substitute some of the following- technique, hair and makeup, character, style, lighting or anything else you can think of).

Take a few minutes to fill in each column with as many options as you can think of, There are no limitations, just write every single word down, there are no wrong answers.
 It may not even make sense, you could write down mars as an example of a location if you really wanted to.

Once youre done, choose a single word from each category and go with it, If you got dress, red, the ocean, rubber duck you could for instannce choose to do a model in a red dress riding a rubber duck out to sea.

This exercise can actually leave you set up with quite a few ideas as when you are done with the first one you can move on to other options untill they are all gone.

Exercise 2

Break down something you love and recreate it in your image, what is it about your favorite movie you love? Lighting, wardrobe, set design?  Personally I love cinematic feel editing, for me thats where the highlights have some yellow added and the shadows have some blues added.  You can find this kind of colour casting in harry potter, lord of the rings, the matrix etc.

Exercise 3

Road Trip!!!!

I can't tell you how many times my images are inspired by the location around them.  One of the greatest ways I have ever found to be inspired then is by hopping in a car or on a bus and paying attention to what I am passing.  I actually have a confession here too, I can't drive, so often on my trips up to chch and back I will map out potention locations.  Often they are feilds on farms with slightly dilapidated old buildings.  One of the first things I will be doing when I can drive is doing a road trip in a car where I can stop every few hundred metres and find out some details about the property, like who to ask if I can use it etc.

This is probably one of the only ways that I do some inspiration exercises that costs money before the actual shoot happens.  But it is also the most rewarding for me because I am so inspired by what I see around me.

Anyway Its a nice short one today.  I hope you enjoyed it and let me know what your best ideas for inspiring yourselves are in the comments below.

Images: Model Citizen Photography
Assisted By: Christiaan
Model: Shyana W
Location: Styx Mill, Christchurch.