Throwback Thursday 2 | Kayla at the George | Christchurch | Boudoir

Welcome to Model Citizen Photography's Throwback Thursday Series.  This is number 2 in the series and you can find number 1 here.  The aim of the game, is to clear out the huge backlog of shoots I have not managed to post so here we go.

This was about the third or fourth shoot I have done with Kayla, she's so much fun and every time I head up to Christchurch for a work trip I always try and catch up with her.  I havent been up since February when I went up for a wedding, so I am long overdue for a trip!

Anyway, these were shot at The George Hotel, which is gorgeous! Albeit higher priced, but hey sometimes you have to pay more to get better quality right?  These pics also coincided with my birthday last year.