Why I started Model Citizen | Nancy- Miss B Blonde Ambition | Christchurch Botanic Gardens

Sometimes I find it tough.  I love photography, but the truth is; it is not a business for the faint-hearted.

The majority of my clients are amazing, and I absoultely love you guys to pieces.  But sometimes there are a tonne of people who neveer quite make it to being the stellar client of Model Citizen Photography I would love them to be.  This isn't necessarily a bad thing,  it may just be someone looking for someone they can afford rather than a tyre-kicker or anything bad like that.  But enquiries take up time that has to be paid for from somewhere.  Running a photography business full time is much, much harder than I originally anticipated.  I will freely admit however that I love it.

Originally I had a 3 year old child and mounting student loan debt while being on a sole-parents benefit.  I thought to myself that I didn't have a way out of it.  That I was always going to be someone who was going to be poor.  Not only did being poor make me unhappy,  but the small amount of work I was doing at the time as a copywriter made me more than miserable.  I had a foreign boss who loved my work but wanted it a month ago, would fuss around on paying me and quite frankly was just a pain in the ass to deal with. I was getting $5 for each 1000 word article and having to give them the HTML mark up so they could put it up on their website because they couldn't even figure out that.  Like I said, I was miserable.

So I figured hey if im going to be poor I might as well be happy in it.  So I found a photography course through S.I.T which was just what I needed, it was on their zero fees program which meant I spent about $800 on my qualification all up and used the course related costs to buy a digital slr.

These days as you can probably tell I am doing much better.  I enjoy my work, it challenges me, and I am making more than I thought I would so my ouotlook on life is better.  Sometimes bookings dry up for awhile or I hit a rough patch, just like anyone else would.  But then I look at the pictures I get to take Like these ones of the lovely Nancy and I remember that the other reason I started Model Citizen was to take amazing pictures of beautiful people inside and out.  And no matter what I am destined for success.