Fine Art | The Surround | Tess Epton | Bottlelake Forest
The Surround | Hayley Walmsley Photographer | Tess Eption Model | Assisted By Christiaan Gough | Location Bottlelake Forest

The Surround | Hayley Walmsley Photographer | Tess Eption Model | Assisted By Christiaan Gough | Location Bottlelake Forest

I often find myself wondering what would be possible if my dreams were real.  In my dreams, I often find myself in magical lands, where logic and reality are suspended, just for a little while.  You wouldn't have to go far into my dreams to lose your mind, and it has indeed been suggested that I should write movies.  But hey who has time for that when a picture can say 1000 words.

I have had this image in my mind for quite some time, but it only reaally came together once I found a model willing to put their creative shoot in my hands.  We should be very clear here, this is art.  There is a reason the image is square for instance and that is because by choosing a non-traditional shape we remove ourselves from thinking of the image as a portrait and it does indeed become art.

For those of you not in the know, these types of images are called composite images that means that there there are several images all composited into one. In fact this particular image has something like 42 pictures. There are 5 in the hair alone and another 4 in the cape.

As you can see in this image it is mostly the base image plus all the hair images composited, you can see that to create the square shape I had to add in a lot of cloned foreground, which in this case was quite repetitive.  Now if I had not been planning on covering the majority of it with clouds I would have needed to make it look much better thn it currently does however knowing that I would be adding in clouds I did not feel the need to do so.

You can also note just how floppy and non floaty the cape is.  As an aside you can order the cape from Juno Boutique, they custom make a bunch of stuff for me.

You can see after adding in additional cape images that the picture is taking on a much better shape.  These images were all taken within the same 20 minutes or so which is why in the final image there is no odd light issues or anything like that.  I highly recommend if you are going to try making composite images that you do take all of the base images yourself for this reason!

Now the fun begins...or the monotonous layering and masking as the case may be.  Each of these clouds had to be layered and masked off so that I could move them into the exact position that filled a gap and was not behind one of the bigger front clouds.  For those of you wondering how I made the clouds, we massacred a pillow.  Afterwhich, Christiaan had to move around holding the piles of fluff in different areas.  With the focus locked on Tess, it ensured that as Christiaan moved towards the camera the focus remained on tess in the middle and so the clouds were in or out of focus as they would have been had this been taken in one close to impossible shot.

It actually made an adorable cheerleader dance when you flicked through the images quickly, but we shall save some dignity!

Once the compositing is finished thats when I did my usual colour grading and made it into the final image you see before you.

So, what do you think? Is this something you would want to be a part of?  They are incredibly unique images, and who doesn't want to be turned into a work of art.  However I do find they are not ego-based, maiinly because your face is often covered and you are portraying a charachter rather than yourself.