Lacking Confidence? Maybe we can help!

One of the most amazing things happened today!  I asked this question on my FB page and some of the answers were phenomenal!

It absolutely astounds me to hear how having a photoshoot and working with us has helped people. Honestly, we go out there hoping to make a difference, hoping that we may be remembered for being helpful, having good customer service, or even just providing a spectacular experience.  But the truth is one of my biggest goals for Model Citizen has always been to help people have more confidence and see themselves how I see them.

Some of the responses were pretty funny (but true I promise) Like this one from Nancy...

I find it funny because often on a shoot some of my jokes are taken terribly...I think I am funny but apparently telling people they are waddling like a penguin through the sand doesn't go down too well (oops).

Most of them were incredibly heartfelt Like those from Jasmine, Christiaan and Rachael. and it got me wondering.  If these results were something to aspire to!  Obviously people have a photoshoot for many different reasons and coonfidence boosts are just one of many.  For instance you might need a new linkedin picture, a present for your nana, a present for your boyfriend, you might love modelling and want a portfolio.  But it got me thinking! What if the images we are creating here could have a lasting effect on peoples confidence and outlook on life?

What if you left feeling so good that you were on a high for the rest of the day? Wouldn't you want in on that? I know I would, and if there was someone who could do that for me I would be in so fast.  Nobody knnows what you go through in your mind or heart.  As much as we may try and put it into words, it is very, very rare for anyone to understand us in such a way that even 50% of what we would like to talk about is understood from your own point of view. 

Of course, sometimes all of this point of view you have in your head means that your sense of reality can be a little (or a lot) skewed.  Sometimes a photoshoot can be the perfect opportunity to relax a little and let someone else tell you how great you look.

"But what if it backfires?" I hear you ask.  I often find that people may show up feeling really nervous, but as we get to talking and going about what we are doing most people end up enjoying themselves tremendously.  I am so confident that you will enjoy yourself and relax that I have a 10 minute guarantee.  Basically If we get 10 minutes into your shoot and you are really not feeling it I will ask if you would like to continue or not, and if you say "no, I would much prefer to stop now and call it a day", then we can do so.

I mean hey, its not all raindrops and roses, sometimes for whatever reason we just don't click.  But many people have left us amazing testimonials and reviews!  So if you're interested in what everyone else has to say then you should totally check out our reviews onfacebook, or those on the side of this page and even our testimonials page.

For those of you who have beeen putting offbooking a shoot for whatever reason... Seize the day! Christiaan is taking mini-sessions in Christchurch on the 12th September and Hayley is taking mini-sessions in Dunedin on the 26th September.  In both cases they will be in the Botanic gardens, and we are hoping for amazing days!!!

You helped me to know that there are still some decent, honest, funny, down to earth people in the world smile emoticon
— Nancy H, Christchurch
It’s hard to put the gratitude I feel into words but I shall try. This time last year if you had told me I’d be undergoing this much personal growth I’d say you were out of your mind, guano crazy! But here I am and you played a very big part in me getting to where I have with my confidence and generally feeling good about myself. Thank you for everything you’ve done and all the laughs inbetween.
— Jasmine C, Christchurch
You have shown me that I can be beautiful despite my size or what my bullies have told me. I have never felt more confident in a photoshoot in my life before and I look back at my photos and feel amazing.Thank you for all the hard work you put into your photos and thank you for helping me gain more confidence
— Rachael L, Christchurch
You helped me - you were the first person that I allowed to photograph me, and until I actually saw the photos I was convinced that I would look like a retard. When I saw your photos and did not look horrible, it really changed how I feel about myself.
— Chris G, Christchurch
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dunedin and christchurch minisession photography

Christchurch Minisessions with Christiaan | Dunedin Mini sessions with Hayley

Our mini-session days with Christiaan in chch and Hayley in Dunedin are coming up and WE WANT YOU!!! Honestly, we are after a few fresh faces who would like a little mini session experience to boost themselves up after this long and drab winter we have been having. If you are serious about wanting to shoot with us but have previously not had the moolah to do so then this may be an opportunity for you to do so at a discounted price. Mini sessions are indeed a smaller, less expensive option to get yourself in the door with us and looking gorgeous in a few images, chosen by you! They are one of the greatest BANG FOR YOUR BUCK options when it comes to having a shoot with us!

Heres the catch: We only have time for 15 mini sessions on any day and they are strictly first come first served so if you want in on this sweeeeeeet deal you need to get your a into g and message us, like right now!

Guys I made the pricing for these a few weeks ago and I am absolutely kicking myself because I have made them far, FAR too cheap to be sustainable for my little business so this is the one and only time they will be this cheap! So on that note: Please note this is not free but heavily discounted! With a deposit of only $50 and a full cost of $180 I am betting most anyone could afford it especially when we offer payment plans!

This is who I am looking for! Are you confident about the way you look even if its differnt from what people think is normal? Do you want to be? Are you able to trust that the photographer in all their infinite wisdom is going to pose you from head to toe so that you look amazing, and are you willing to put in a little teensy bit of effort so that you will rock the shoot and look a million dollars! I am not worried about size or shape and neither should you be, so if youre between a size 6 to a size 24 and any age this is open to anyone!

Why would you want to do this? Because, all cheesiness aside, we are all beautiful just as we are, but sometimes we need to be reminded of that. If thats not enough I very rarely have projects like this where I get to cut my costs down (even if in this case it's cos i wasn't thinking- take advantage), Our usual packages can be considered very expensive as we are without a doubt a luxury service with a luxury product. You wont even be paying half of our usual session fee.

But really its all about you, learn some new posing tricks, have a bunch of fun, and get some gorgeous pics out of the whole deal. I will make sure that for your time you will get 3 perfectly edited pieces of art for your portfolio with the option to purchase more if you so choose!

If you are interested all you need to do is send a message to this page Model Citizen Photography with a photo and a little something about yourself, it is only fair after all that we get to see who we are going to be working with so we can start planning! Other than that you may consider telling us a little bit about yourself and why you think it would be a great oppportunnity for you to get some images done. An intial timeframe that would suit you might also be helpful but we cannot guarantee those times will be available.

Where: Christchurch Botanic Gardens
When: Saturday 12th September (or rescheduled if raining)
Photographer: Christiaan Editor: Hayley
Cost: $180
You get: a little 30 minute mini session, 3 fully edited prints at 6x8 size and the option to purchase more if you so choose. You also get a heck of a good time, and a confidence boost! What else could you possibly need!?!

Where: Dunedin Botanic Gardens
When: Saturday 26th September (or rescheduled if raining)
Photographer: Hayley Editor: Hayley
Cost: $180
You get: a little 30 minute mini session, 3 fully edited prints at 6x8 size and the option to purchase more if you so choose. You also get a heck of a good time, and a confidence boost! What else could you possibly need!?!

I look forward to hearing from you so contact us to day to secure your spot cos remember its first in first served! I will keep everyone up to date on how many spots are left in the comments.

Please help us find the people we are looking for by sharing this post!  It really helps us compete with the big guys!  You know David and Goliath sheeeeeet!


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