Sometimes Things Don't Go As Planned | Urban Dunedin | Mikaela Preston

Recently (last thursday night) my Grandmother died.  She was only a few years off 100, and my favorite person in the world.  It is always a disheartening blow to lose someone you love so dearly and the world wont be the same, atleast in my eyes without her.

Back in June, Mikaela and I had decided to do a somewhat ambitious undertaking of a photoshoot at the annual Mid Winter Carnival.  That didn't turn out too well, it was freezing and got dark well before we even reached the carnival, set in the Octagon.  We had grabbed a few images walking from Jetty Street through to Mcdonalds before the carnival and they are great, but they just aren't what we had plannned on doing.

The opportunity is gone now, atleast untill next year for the carnival.  So while I am a little quiet on the Model Citizen front, I am still around and still taking bookings, I am just a little more quiet that I usually would be.

I'll be back in full force in a week or so when I am feeling better. Take care of yourselves and go visit your grandparents!