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Last week I wrote a blog post that was shared 107 times at this time plus another 20 direct on facebook!  It was seem by 6000 people on Facebook, and my website saw more traffic than it has seen in its entire lifetime! I had 66 emails in 3 days and they are still coming in, I guess I struck a chord with many. many people when I said women are beautiful at every age.

I am not sure what to wite after last weeks post. Honestly, I am beyond humbled by the response I got.  Within 3 days I had 66 responses, it took me just as long to email everyone back HAHA!  I am heading back towards normalcy with response times now, it only took me untill lunch time today to get through all my email.  all the emotions in me are a little bit jumbled up about it all, it's a huge undertaking, finding 100 women (plus some different groupings), for each person through the doors there is abut 30-45 minutes of makeup, and an hours shooting involved and then for each image I choose for the final picks there is between an hour and 3-4 hours of editing time, emailing, scheduling, making ssure everyone is happy, booking the studio, follow up, so on and so forth. 

It's not just money I am spending on this project, because ofcourse my time spent on this is worth money (if we take the session fees alone it's $60k not to mention makeup, a location and in some cases clothing and it all costs but is not offset by the session fee I would charge for this type of thing),  and then we have all the time, lets say 6300 hours shooting, editing and looking after the incredibly amazing people who have applied.  It is blood, sweat and lets face it a little bit of crazy.

I have to say I am incredibly glad that Jess from JC Beauty Co is as passionate about helping out with this project as I am. She is amazing! If you need Beauty treatments, spray tans, or hair and makeup trust me she is your girl.  In Fact she is part of the talented team that Helped me make the Photos in the gallery above along with Jacinda from Beautiful Hair by JQ and the loan of an amazing location in Rockbourne Gallery.

While I am nervous there is nothing in me saying don't do it, there is nothing saying this is too big for you, there is nothing saying you cant do it. Because I can do it, and I will, with all of your help.  It is likely to take me a few years by the time I get through shooting phase, and have all the people I need to make the book. After that I still have to actually make the book. But having that final product, having accomplished something, and having it in a physical form is an incredible motivator. I am in awe that I can see such a huge project in front of me and completely ignore it for the baby steps it will take to accomplish the journey towards the end.

I might make a few mistakes along the way, but the aim is and always will be to lay one brick at a time, and have it be the most perfect brick layed in the entire history of the world.  Here's to dreaming big, making mistakes and always moving forward.

If you are interested in taking part or helping out in anyway please go and have a read of this blog post right here to get to know a little bit more about it and contact me at the bottom of that page if you are interested.