Earthquakes, Epiphanies and Introversion | Kelsey | Rockbourne Gallery
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Before we get into this one I have to warn you I am going come off as an egocentric, assholic, and opinionated prick. Generally I don't think I come across that way but every once and awhile it all comes spewing forth in torrents of vehement opinions, overwhelming feelings and an almost scary amount of "omg I could hurt you right now". It's been one of those days. It's actually be one of those days and then a couple more of them thrown in for good measure.

What has me in such a tizz? Yesterday Christchurch had an earthquake, I was in it, I had been in Christchurch for a weding and the earthquake was about 40 minutes before I had to leave.  This meant the majority of supermarkets etc were closed and evacuated and I couldn't buy any water or jet planes for the trip home. But none of that was the problem... as scary as it was I can deal with that far more than the following.

It's much worse than some ground rumbling and sadly broken model cars at my friends house, today I had an epiphany...I am a workaholic, it's something that entrepreneurs get into, constantly coming up with new ideas, always thinking about what we could be doing to better business etc. Well, I had the most unproductive day ever, and its only just starting now at 4.49pm.  Because I went back to school today.


go me

omg education

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Surely you would think I would be excited and nervous about the prospect of going back to school, and I was, and still am.  I love learning, but I have an issue with not doing, today was a day of not doing. As I sat there listening to some stuff the different lecturers and heads of school were saying all I could think of was how much work I was missing out on completing because I was listening to stuff that people were talking about that I had read in the first 10 minutes.

And this is where I sound like a complete asshat...I wasn't present in the moment, i didn't want to be there, and I felt like I could have been far more productive doing other stuff.  To me this was like torture, and I really worry that the next week will be much of the same.

The problem is, they need to accomodate more people than just me, I am ridiculously intelligent, know what I want and am a bullheaded asshat who has shit to do, so for me it's like


Throw into all this that I am extremely introverted and really prefer to only deal wth one person at a time and you have me rocking in the corner after realising i dont know anyone, i dont fit in anywhere and i just want to go home and work.

Honestly, if i could just sit at home or do shoots all day I would be happy, and yet for some reason I have gone back to school under this idea that I will learn something new, I will discover new ways of thinking and I will have a blast (apparently, and much to my surprise- sometimes I am wrong after all).

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And all day they spoke to the majority of people who are just starting on their journey, just discovering what they want to do, just moving in to a new phase of life, both the young and the older students who were there are creating something new for themselves and I am already there, I just want to enhance it.  It made me feel so alone and vunerable, to have very little in common with these people who are now my classsmates, already working at a level they are aspiring to, and thinking to myself "I could be getting so much work done right now".

My main hope as I move forward is to take in as much as I can, I want to be present, not worrying about the amount of work I have and prefering to do it (am I a dork or what). I wont apologise for loving what I do, I wont apologise for being opinionated, strongwilled and intelligent, I wont apologise for my extreme introversion that borders on a hatred of new experiences that involve people.  But I will hope for a peace to come about, an understanding and presence to allow me to make the best of what I have on offer to me and finallly the ability to let go of the work that will always be waiting when I get home and enjoy the experience of being at school again.

And yes, I spent morning tea and Lunch time on my laptop editing because i am a tool haha!

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