Planning for variety in a single space | Studio Shoot | Kopare Williams

Model Citizen does a lot of location shoots, but recently I found a studio space that I love and Kopare was the very first person I shot in it. Today I wanted to talk about how you can get variety in a single room while not resorting to changing your clothes every 5 minutes.

Different areas of the room

Take a look through the images above and you will see several very distinct sets of images, first you have that dark and rich wooden panels, then you have the white wall (by far my least favorite), and then you have the windows.  The trick is to choose the one that works for you and work with that.  I will usually stick with the windows and the wooden panels specifically because they suit my style of shooting, however you will see that Kopare has a ew up there in the gallery that are on the white wall and that is because what we were going for suited that style of portrait.

White background portraits totally have thier place, its just a matter of using it to its best effect.  Even when I do use the white wall it is best to know that I will still use it in my style. So if you are after the brightly lit commercial looking images youre more than likely to need to go and visit someone else for those.  When it comes to commercial work I will use a standard white background if it is needed but it is not my usual playground.

Those wooden panels though!  They scream ME!  I was in love with them the first time I saw them and that wont be changing any time soon!

I also like the windows although they are a little difficult to wrangle at times and I wouldnt use them for just anything.

Soon I will be working on a series of hand painted backdrops as well which is probably what I am more likely to be using on the white wall, we shall see!


As long as you aren't coming in for a mini session I suggest bringing in atleast 2 totally different sets of clothes. Kopare was originally going for a boudoir shoot that had a specific look but bought the dress with her just o that she had some variety, which was a great move.  I often take in a bunch of accesories etc just for a little bit more variety, so in this case the necklace is mine and really helped with pulling the richness into the details.


As always it is my job to make you look good, so posing isn't something you particularly have to think about as I will direct you but it is another way to add some variety into a shoot, and especially one with very little variety of location looks.

Sitting, laying down, perched on chairs, chests, crates, on the floor, standing.

Anyway its totally short and sweet today!  Let me know if you have any other suggestions you think would be helpful in the comments below. And if you found this helpful please share it.