Giving up the things that are bad for you | caffeine withdrawls are killer
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I am writing this from my bed, major headache, you know the kind "want to curl up in a ball and forget the world exists".  And worst of all; it's self-inflicted.  But it's for a good cause: my health. Over the last year, I have lost and gained 15kg. I had been on my regular diet, which I was loving and losing weight naturally when my nana died.  So while I would usually say I don't comfort eat- the results say otherwise, apparently I do...15kg later and I am finally ready to deal with it all again.

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I knew I was ready to do this awhile ago, but with school and work, I just couldn't find the time and bad habits slipped back in.  Have you ever had that happen? Is it just me? I know it's not just me. Tell me it's not just me, haha, yup slightly neurotic today.

Sometimes, we know things are bad for you, in this case, my addiction to V.  Sometimes, it takes just a little while to get to the point where you're ready to deal with it all.  But I encourage you, when it is time to do it, just do it.  Don't put it off because of the pain you might have to go through because ultimately, in the end, it will be much better for you.

Remember you don't get anywhere when you don't start.

Making the decision

When you decide to do something, make that the decision that sticks.  Write it down and tell somebody.  When you write something down it is a commitment to yourself, to make sure you do it, and when you tell someone else they can help you through it.  Sometimes this isn't particularly needed for small things,  but sometimes it is the small things that add up right.

When you tell someone, make sure they are the right person for the job.

In my case, there are a couple of people I will tell about stuff like this, and there are usually a couple of people I won't bother telling, I'll explain that in a minute.

The first group of people or person I would tell are the people who will support me and keep me on track.  This is the same concept as a training buddy If there is someone you might let down by failing you are more likely to stop and think about it which gives you that split second in some cases to change your mind and put down the bad thing.  If you are out with friends, they can also remind you if you're about to lapse...which leads me on to the second group of people I tell...

The well-intentioned friends that bring you your favorite foods and drinks when they visit.  I have a friend who every time I decide not to have something anymore, or to change a bad habit shows up within 3-4 days with the exact thing I am trying to avoid.  She has this innate sense, so it makes sense to tell her so that she doesn't show up 2 days after I start dieting and say hey let's go to Mcdonalds.  Let's face it if you're anything like me.  Your cognitive dissonance is at a fairly low level and all you want to do is say yes.  Make it easy on yourself and stop it happening before it happens.

The same thing happens with the gym, if you have trouble getting up and out of bed in the morning to go to the gym, make it easier on yourself by creating a short-cut.  In this case, try having your gym bag right next to the bed.

Finally, don't tell the small minded people who are just going to tell you, you're going to fail.  Firstly who needs em, and secondly if you fail, who needs the I told you so.  Which leads me on to the next point...

It's not the final countdown

Say you want to drink 8 glasses of water every day but you get a week in and think "I just don't want any more water today", so you gargle down 2 glasses and then go back to drinking v, milk, orange juice anything really so that you don't have to have water.  It is only a failure if you let it be a failure.  Don't judge yourself over a tiny stumble and give up.  "Oh man, I've been dieting for a week, I lost 500g but I have a hundred thousand kg to go...whats the point, why bother, wahhhhhhh", suck it up princess, tomorrow is a new day and as with most habits the aim is to get to the point where it is normal for you right? It's the same thing with goals, the more you work towards it the sooner you reach your destination.  It might not happen overnight, but it will happen.

So here's to living life to the fullest and getting rid of this headache soon.
Till next time

P.s The photos used in this blog are from a collaborative shoot I did with JC Beauty Co, Beautiful Hair by JQ and our gorgeous model Kopare Williams (who is represented by Ican Models and Talent). You can see more in the gallery Below.