Beauty at any age project update

We are now 6 months into this project and I had the most recent day was last month some time. The beauty at any age has kind of changed quite a bit in the last 4-6 months, but one thing that hasn't changed is how beautiful all the women who have come in have been!

I thought a bit of an update was overdue, but with school and business just haven't really had time to write one.  I can't believe just how much interest this project has gotten and it is incredibly heart-warming to realise just how many women support it and just how many of us need it!  I knew it was something that was close to my heart but not that it would touch so many of yours.

Jess, ofcourse has been wonderful and I really do hope that any of you who haven't head on over and give her fb page a like you can find it here.  Anyone who has taken a shoot with me and had their makeup done by Jess will attest that she is super-lovely and does an amazing job so those of you who have should also go and give her a review, reviews are like word-of-mouth and it is how businesses like mine and Jess's get recognition and people know we are good to work with.

One of the biggest changes is that I am going to be cutting shoots down to 30 minutes so that I can get people through a bit faster, this is specifically because between school and work I am not getting enough time for myself and when they whole idea of the project is finding the beauty in every woman I seem to be losing a bit of myself. So a regroup is not uncalled for.

The other major change is that I think we might just be done with the wooden panelled studio for this project and it is time to start doing some other stuff, specifically I could really do with some black and white studio work, and ofcourse on location work (which being my "thing" I am super excited about.

I hope everyone has been enjoying my silence,  there will be more next week on that and in the mean time enjoy the stunning women in the gallery.  I will be starting to post individual blogs very very soon *exciting*

Ofcourse if you would like to apply for a spot yourself or want to read up on the project a little more you can do that here!

Beauty at any age project casting call