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It's been awhile! First, I went home for the holidays so i could spend some time with these rascally little raggamuffins, then I came home and had to move house, I packed day and night for a week and moved at the end of it, Then I went to wellington on this amazing trip where I took some amazing photos, and very badly injured myself! I still cant walk without a limp and that was back at the start of march!  SO, after a month of being in bed (and the hospital for a spell) I am slowly getting back into things, and first things first, I think I am finally ready to get back to taking bookings.  I am going to be doing things differently this year because last year I got to about this time and everything went to shit...

No one said school was easy...

No! They certainly did not.  But no one told me how hard art school was either. To be completely honest,  I thought art school was going to be a bit of a walk in the park, being as naturally awesome as I am I just figured I already have a business, i'm already in this world, really I am just going back to get the piece of paper right? WRONG! Art school, as it should be is difficult; not only do you have to get used to being able to talk about your work in a way that makes sense, isn't overly convoluted and actually have something to say, but you really need to have a concept. At art school, in the undergraduate degree, it is all about concept. Concept is king. Couple that with this feeling that I can't do what I actually want to and it makes for some fairly shit work! So, by this time last year I was getting snowed under with school work, and my business and life practically fled out the door.  If you are a parent, a student, or basically anyone over the age of 14 you probably have an inkling about how difficult it can be to find that all powerful...yet mythical, work-life balance.

This is my last year of undergraduate study, and next year who knows what that will hold. But what I know, for right now, is that I love my business, more than I love school.  School is a chore, and sadly one that I don't think I actually need, given where this business is going. But I am nothing if not stubborn, so i'm finishing out this year and im totally graduating at the end of this year...YAY GO ME!

What are we up to this year?

Well, this business is coming along with me.  I have decided that while school is important, I will not give it more attention than it deserves.  This will leave me with more time to recuperate after my injury as well as more time for business and that cute little person that lives with me!

Exciting news

Some time this year, I am going to be setting up an office at home. This will be where all of our in-person meet-ups will occur, including gallery views where you choose your images for purchase!  This will be great for all of us because you will get the help you need choosing the best images for the purpose you intend them for, and I wont have to email back and forth answering questions as I will be right there!

Theme Days

June/July Boudoir

I'm not quite up to taking more than a couple of shoots a week just yet, but in the near future I am organising a Boudoir Marathon because I have had a lot of interest recently and I want to make sure you lovelies are getting what you want.  I am thinking I will do one for Dunedin and one for Christchurch at this stage. Dunedin: 30th June 2017 at Hotel St Clair. Please contact me if you would like to reserve a spot or have any questions.


Early in August I am going to run some super quick mini sessions with a "Daddy and Me" theme for Fathers day in September. All images taken and ordered before the 27th of August will be available to pick up before fathers day on the 3rd september.

30 minute mini-sessions, with 3 naturally edited images included $150.

September I am going to be focussing on Spring and family sessions.  These images are usually added gifts for grandma at xmas as well as updating your family photos for yourselves.


I am currently looking for a makeup artist to collaborate with me and do Sugar Skull makeup for some fun Halloween Sessions.  Know someone who would be interested? Get them to get in contact with me!

These sessions will likely include the cost of hair and makeup so I wont put a price on them just yet, but they will probably be in the $250 range. Again Contact me if you would like to reserve a spot or have any questions.


As we ease into summer I will be taking Evening sessions at various locations


Im graduating along with my fellow graduates.  Ill be back to normal after this so Im guessing Ill probably just book clients in as and where they wanted it although I am thinking about running some extended family shoots.

Other Stuff we've got going on this year

Beauty at any age

These shoots will be running through the year, Ill be putting out specific model calls for when I am able to do them.  First I need to work out what ages I already have and in what settings and then I will go from there!

If you would like to apply or learn more about this project please go me.

Also if you took place last year remember you have another shoot to use this year for another purpose.

Regular stuff

Full sessions, engagement shoots, commercial work, weddings and all that other goodness.  I am focussing on fashion work a lot this year because I have stuff that I really want to submit to.  But Portraits are always on the books.  Please message me on the contact page if you would like to book in or again if you would like to ask a question.

Well thats it from me for now, I have some super amazing work coming up so please keep an eye out for it!