The World IS Your Oyster | Moving to Wellington | Model: Tristan Allison
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I'm sitting here listening to Cat Stevens (is it ok to call him that again- I can't remember), and I am planning out the next 6ish months of my life.  As I come to the end of my degree, it's interesting to note that my whole attitude has changed towards the whole thing.  Last year I think I probably came across as quite bitter. You wouldn't know it by looking at me but everything I did was to try to do something that the lecturers would think was good, something that would get me a good grade.  Because while I am not all about the grades, and I know in the long run they do not matter, there was also this thing called grad school looming that I was worried my grades wouldn't be good enough for. As a result of this focus on grades, I did some things that I would usually not do at all, and it showed in my work. 

tristan unique model management model citizen photography dunedin vogel st hayley walmsley photographer tristan allison model

That's not to say my work wasn't as technically proficient as you would usually see, but that the feeling about the images was dark, grumpy, whiny and all around not too fun. As a result, I got grumpy and depressed, and all that other good stuff.  But I ended up getting through and I have gone back this year to finish off something that has been rather difficult for me.  No one has ever accused me of being a pushover however and when it matters I would fight right to the death rather than give up. I am stubborn and hardheaded and I will pull the results I want out of sheer dogged determinedness where they may seem outwardly impossible.  The only time I give in is when I choose to.  At times this can really make me seem like an asshole, I don't like to be told something can't be done and I will take that challenge and prove you wrong...

Anyway, you're probably wondering what all this rambling is about, well, maybe its just a bit of a ramble.  Or maybe it is the fact that your dreams can change. At the end of this year, I am now looking to move to Wellington, so that I can do the Masters of Museum and Heritage Studies at Victoria Uni.  Now, this isn't 100% certain just yet, I have other options, but this is the one I am passionate about.

So hey, sometimes you might feel you are on the wrong path, but if you keep an ear to the ground I truly believe that you can correct your course! Sometimes it is hard to choose a path for fear of cutting off the other things you might want to do, just be present and make a choice because analysis paralysis is a bitch.

The photos that I am using in this blog post have been floating around Instagram and Facebook for a while now,  I figure they would be apt for this particular post because of Tristan, who took a chance and moved to Auckland to pursue fame and fortune!  Forget being like Bill, be like Tristan. He's recently been signed by Unique Model Management so keep an eye out for him in the future.

So wish me luck!