Fresh Faces Wanted!
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Hi all,

I am currently working on a new portfolio and need some fresh faces to photograph!

If you like my style and have been thinking about working with me for a while but couldn't afford the session fee, or if you've never heard of me (Hi I'm Hayley) but some kind person pointed you in my direction please please apply!  Just choose the role you are applying for and read on below!

Who I am Looking for


Severely underrepresented in my portfolio, I actually really enjoy working with men's fashion, street fashion and guys in general.  I love a good suit image and I have a few ideas that I need some guys for. 

Don't worry, I don't need you to be some kind of Nordic god, but if you've ever had any kind of an interest in having photos done please, please, please apply!


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I am looking for women interested in fashion and fashion portraiture, I would like to put together some editorials for my own website as well as applications for magazines and my portfolio of course! Anyone interested should apply, let me know your interest and then I can move you into a project that suits what I need!

Families and Children

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It is time for me to update my samples! I need maybe 4-5 families that are interested in ordering some new products I am hoping to stock.  Please apply and I will talk you though the process.  I need both families and individual children and siblings! In some cases these images can be taken in the same shoot and in some cases (most particularly for variety) I need only children and only siblings, so if you're a parent who doesn't want to be in photos please still apply!  Unlike the other categories, there is a small expectation that in general the families will be after actual images. Don't worry I am running special pricing on the products that allows us both to get what we want!

Lifestyle/Home Series

Do you have a home and or garden that could grace the covers of a magazine? I am looking for some people who want to be photographed within their homes and gardens

Beauty at Any Age
Our beauty at any age project is still going! With some minor modifications.  I am still looking for females of many ages to take part (especially older women! You can read more about the project here.

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Hair Makeup Artists, Designers, Boutiques,  and Stylists

I am also looking to collaborate with Makeup Artists, Designers, boutiques, and Stylists!  If you have some ideas, would like to work on your own portfolio or would just like to help me work on mine get in touch. I am always looking to build my network and in an industry, like ours, it pays to have great working relationships, It doesn't matter if you are a brand new person or an old hand, just get in touch!

Now you know WHO I'm looking for, What are the details?!?

This is a casting call for specific groups of people as named above!  Please note there are no age ranges bar the non-descript titles, this is because pretty much everyone is covered in one form or another...

You NEED to be based in Dunedin or willing to travel. Please note I don't drive so locations out of town are not an option generally.

If you are under 18 you will need permission from a parent or legal guardian, and they will need to meet with me to sign the contract and agree to the terms and conditions!

If you are over 18 you will need to sign a contract and model release so that I can use the images I choose.

You will need to be available on either Mondays, Friday afternoons or on the weekend (but preferably not Sundays).

Have an interest in having photos taken, even if the only real experience you have had is in taking selfies!

These shoots are set to take place over the next year so, even though you may apply now, you will get an initial email to confirm and have a chat but the shoot may not take place for some time. If there is any real urgency, please do let me know in the application (ie. if you're a student who disappears for the holidays.

Models: You will receive an 8x10 print for your time which retails at $150, and the opportunity to purchase any additional images you would like to at a discounted rate. If you are a family or children based shoot, you will get very reduced prices for our new products we are hoping to sell this year and in the future.

Hair, Makeup, Design, Boutiques, and Stylists

You will receive any images that are edited for use at web res, plus I will make sure to take images that best show your work as a part of my workflow, and I will give you access to any products you would like for display purposes at cost.

This all sounds great, but am I going to have to sell my house to afford prints and products after the shoot?

Oh god no!  I will have fully edited individual images for $30 for an 8x10 print and web res file, and products will be confirmed once I have priced them out but you can expect a 30-50% reduction of my usual retail price.

How long will turn around be once I have had the shoot?

Once the shoot has happened you will be asked to come in for a viewing session where you will be able to choose any images you would like to purchase, at this time all of the images I have cut down to will be edited so as soon as you have chosen and paid the balance (if there is one) I can order the images straight away. 

It usually takes about 2 weeks to get to this viewing session, and from then it can be another 10 days before your products arrive and are checked over.  All up I endeavour to get shoots all finished up within a month, but every once and awhile they will take up to about 6 weeks.  In extreme cases, I have been able to get images done in a few days however product times are a little bit further outside of my hands and some products take 10 days to make up.

Read all this and would like to apply?

Please do!

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