Injuries, Masters, and Future Plans- OH MY!

Injuries, Masters, and Future Plans- OH MY!


I think we all have times in life when it just isn’t very fun. About 8 weeks ago I injured myself. I still feel like a bit of an idiot (LOL). I was doing a bit of cleaning as mothers tend to do, and I decided to put the wash basket out the back by the laundry. What happened next has lead to a month in bed, 2 weeks in a cast and 6 weeks so far in a splint, and generally feeling pathetic.

On that “fateful” day, as I reached around to put the wash basket down it got caught on the outside light switch. Thinking it wasn’t a big deal, I tugged on it to pull it off the light switch and at the same time I turned to walk inside. The next thing I know i’m twisting in midair before being stabbed in the boob by the corner of a wooden chair and smacking my leg on the stair itself.

There is only one step in my entire house, ONE! And I am the un-co who manages to fall down it without even touching it, this was more of a falling out a door scenario. Anyway, all bruised up, i worried I might have broken my leg and my left arm. The bruises were scary both in the chest area and on my leg, and I managed to somehow ache all over. But it wasn’t until all of this pain started to die down that I realised my right wrist was incredibly painful. So back to the doctor I went.

By this stage we are almost a month out from the actual incident but the doctor says “we want to just be sure” and so he sends me off to radiology and tells me after that to head down to ED because I will either need a splint or a cast. Well ED said “It looks suspiciously like it’s very broken”, and slapped me in a cast for 2 weeks.

Long story short, I am now in a splint and going through hand therapy as they believe I have done some ligament damage as well. It’s incredibly frustrating to not be able to do much and my studies and business have been moving, but moving much slower than usual. As someone who is usually so in control of life this has been a lesson in giving up that control at times… like when I went out for dinner with a friend and he had to cut my steak for me.

I am slowly getting better, and I am able to take on a small amount of work now, so I am happy and I am on the mend.


I recently graduated with my Post Graduate Certificate in Visual Arts (Majoring in Photography and Electronic Arts) with Merit (Aren’t I a fancy pants). And I am now one term into my Master of Visual Arts. I am aiming to finish this mid 2019 and I can’t wait to invite you all to my final exhibition. As it always has been, my art practice is different but related to my commercial practice, for this final project I am looking at ruin and decay and then overlaying the photos with allegory, looking at social issues that effect our communities via a hand written caption. I am also slowly working on a website for my art work and have also split off the art from my main Instagram so that I can focus on specific followings as most are only interested in one side or the other.

Future Plans

Next week I have my interview for Teachers College. I have been planning on training to be a teacher for some time but even once I have become a teacher I will still run this business. I have always loved running this business part time and I will continue to do so to keep my skills sharp and to provide great images to people.

I do have plans to expand the business also, however that requires taking on more hands in different parts of the country and I’m not ready to be an employer just yet.

I have one struggle with Teachers College right now and that is that I need to get 50 shoots done by the end of the year to be able to pay for it. I am sadly out of student loan and so I need to fund this last year of study myself. I will be holding some shoot days to work towards this goal, and would appreciate any help I can get.

Thanks for sticking by me, you are all wonderful!

The images used in todays Blog post came from A Dunedin Botanic Gardens Mini-session with Reece and Olive!

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