Help a girl out and get some super cool images in the process.

Updated: 10 Feb 2016


Hey guys so as some of you will know I don't usually do more than the one post in a week but this week I have a special favour to ask! Some of you may have seen the video on my facebook page where I very quickly stated that I had broken a lens but not to worry because it was likely under warranty and I had insurance, well no big ups to the insurance community today!

It turns out that I am about 2 months out of warranty and the excess is so high on my insurance that I could pretty much buy 2 of the exact same lens for the cost of my excess and still have money left over except that the lens is now out of production. So I need to come up with about $3700 to replace the lens with something in the same focal length range etc Problem, I don't have the kind of money to spend just set aside so I am going to run 2 mini session days one in the gardens and one in studio and then a studio boudoir day (separate days over the next few months) to help me "fundraise" the money for a new lens.  This is a great opportunity for all of you wonderful people because I will be putting together some killer packages that will leave you swooning!

So help a girl out yo!

Here's the deal, In both cases I will gift you the session, valued at $450 you're already making a huge savings just on that.  Why do I do that? Well if you head on over to my book a portrait session page you can see my reasoning for this but the main idea is that I want you to be focussed on creating the great images you want rather than what you just spent money on which effectively is my time!  I want you to be happy with the images we get together and one of the most effective ways I have found to actually get you thinking about that is by allowing you to focus on the images rather than my session fee!

So, you will come in for a session (more on those below) and after the session I will go home and prepare a selection of images for you to choose from to purchase at your viewing session, there is no minimum purchase because I don't think I need to pressure you into buying the images, they speak for themselves and I have never had someone not want them once they have seen them.  I will work with you to choose a package that sits within your budget and as always I have payment plans and credit card payments available so theere is no reason you cant book in now and pay images off over the coming months :)

This is why the viewing session is so important, To me it is not an opportunity to sell to you but an opportunity to make sure you are happy with your purchases and can manage the cost, I will be sending out the pricing before the sessions take place so that you can make an informed decision before you even step foot through the proverbial door. And to put your minds at ease I am well known for asking the hard questions at viewing session time and getting you to choose as concisely as possible because its not about quantity its all about quality. 

Now will a family choose more images than a single person shoot? most likely, the reason is simple, in a family you have more groupings and individual shots to take, once you have one of the three kids separately, you might like one of the three of them together, one of you and your partner, one of the whole family, see with families it quickly adds up to more images.

My recommendations for families then are anywhere up to 20 images while in most individual cases youre looking at no more than 8. These are the upper most reaches of what I feel a person really "needs" the truth is you can get away with lower and you have the ability to buy more; as many as you like, it is your choice, I am just here to guide you into a happy decision.

Who is this for?

Anyone, obviously the boudoir shoots arent going to kids,  but you have the option of a minisession in the gardens so this is suitable for families, kids, individuals, models.

Mini-sessions at the gardens

Where: top daffodil field at Dunedin Botanical Gardens
When: 27 feb 2016
What: a half hour session perfect for updating family images, a quick one outfit fashion shoot, portraits, engagement shoots so on and so forth.
cost: pay for prints

Only 14 spots available total 3 taken

Mini-Sessions in studio

Where: In Studio Princes St
When: Sunday April 3rd
What:a half hour session perfect for updating family images, a quick one outfit fashion shoot, portraits, engagement shoots so on and so forth.
cost: pay for prints

Only 14 spots total available 3 taken

Boudoir in studio

Where: In Studio Princes St
When: Saturday 26th March 2016
What: An hour session perfect for anyone who has been wanting to try a boudoir shoot but couldnt justify the cost
cost: pay for prints

Only 8 available total 4 taken

Im interested what do I do

Send me a message wonderful person you! You can do that using the form below

Name *
Please let me know if you have a second option you wwould like to do if the first is unavailable and a phone number if you would like me to call to set up a shoot time (rather than email) PLEASE remember to include who and how many the shoot is for, and what kind of products you would be interested in so I can best advise you