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Portraits are your legacy

Portraits have always been something of an event. It is said that we do not mark our time on earth in years and days but in events, thinking back to when cameras were not so common we would often have photos at irregular intervals such as being born, heading off to war, sweet 16, your wedding, and then your own family.  Ofcourse for those of us who become mothers we then spend much of our time behind the camera capturing our children in images that we cherish more than anything. And its great, its incredible, and its amazing that we have the ability to do this at so little cost. But there is something missing...You!

You are missing in the formative memories of your families lives

It's incredibly sad and it doesn't need to happen, whether you are after a family session so that you have everyone together including you, a generational portrait of all the amazing women in your life (and thier men if you would like to), or something that is just about you it's time to include yourself in the picture.  It's time to remind yourself that you belong there and to leave a legacy of yourself for your loved ones in images that they can cherish in 10, 20, 50, years- whether you are still there or not. And lets face it, how much more precious would they be if for some reason you were no longer with the ones you love.

Let me invite you to a portrait session with me, and I promise you it will change the way you see yourself for the rest of time

This is a reason to pamper yourself, a reason to book some time out for you and do something that you have probably always dreamed of but never managed to do.  Please don't pass the chance off with that old thing about losing 10kg, being a little skinnier, or thinking about any flaws you perceive yourself as having, because honey let me tell you, I have never met a physically ugly human being. Everyone has something about them, a light inside.  It is MY job to find that light inside you and bring it to the surface for the world to see. Please do not discount yourself, let me show you what I see, let me worry about the posing it is my job to make you look good, and you do not need to be a model to take part in something like this.

Why I do not charge a Photo-session fee 99% of the time

Thats A bit counter-intuitive I hear you thinking, why would a photographer not be charging a session fee. Well, it's like this: I know that you have doubts about how you might look in your photos, it's a scary experience and a lot of money, Before I changed to this format I was charging $450 a session and with that you got 3 prints and the opportunity to buy more. To the uninitiated that sounds like a pretty hefty price tag, but just like cars you pay for luxury.

Photography is a luxury service based industry, and most of the photographers I know do charge a session fee ranging anywhere from $50-650, so here is why I don't.  I believe that a photographers work should speak for itself, if I as a photographer do a good job you as the client will love the work and need to have them right?  I believe that photography should be a results based industry and it has always worked for me.  Over the past couple of years I have tried many different models of business from the $50 shoots to the $450 shoots and here is the secret, when you have to pay me a fee for my time you stop focussing on the beautiful images I have captured for you and you start to focus on all the money you just spent.  That is not a good place to start any relationship from let alone one where my end goal is to send you home with as many of the gorgeous images of yourself as I can.

So the way I do things is I don't charge you a session fee for portraits unless there is a very specific reason to do so which I will cover in more detail below. The most important thing is to create some amazing images, and then if you like them, you can purchase them.  I think it's fair, it rewards me on a job well done and you don't have to pay a fee, just for my time and on the plus side it means you are spending money specifically on the images you want and that there is more money for them.  Does this mean you will go through this amazing experience spending time, money and effort on clothes and makeup to come out the other side and have sticker shock at the cost of buying anything? NO! Here is why, I talk to each and every person who makes an enquiry either on the phone or in person (in person means I get to eat cake and brownie and who doesn't love brownie), just because I am not chargingsession fee doesn't mean I work with just anyone, My time is precious so precious infact that I only have about 7-8 sessions available a month in Dunedin and 7-8 available bi-monthly in Christchurch and Auckland, and if you postpone there is often a 3-4 month waiting list before you can get back in.  That sets the bar quite high doesn't it. And because the bar is set so high I need to make sure that everyone who is interested in working with me knows exactly what it entails, and that involves letting yoou know my prices upfront.  There s nothing worse than sticker shock and I want people to be happy and to enjoy themselves.

When do I charge a session fee?

Thats easy, when you don't show up and waste the time I could have spent with another client with no explaination, no forewarning and no consideration I will charge you for my time, that is part of every contract and my terms of service.  Are there exceptions? Yes ofcourse I will always listen because I understand that sometimes things cannot be avoided, but it is at my discrepancy and all I ask for is some transparency and that you contact me asap to let me know you wont be there and then I can figure out what we need to do from there. Ofcourse If you do miss your appointment and pay the session fee you still get the opportunity to do your shoot, it's not money lost, it just makes sure that everyones time is respected and losses are covered. This is especially important because I still need to pay for studio time, transport and other costs associated with the shoot whether you show up or not.

The only other time I charge for a session is if there is some cost involved like boudoir in a hotel where I have to cover the cost of the hotel or as another example where I have a theme day and hire a makeup artist etc as some kind of package deal.

Who am I?

Hi you've probably had a good look through the about pages by now but just incase, let me introduce myself.  I am Hayley and I love taking photos that make women feel beautiful.  I firmly believe that every woman is beautiful and that I can bring that out in everyone.  You may have noticed that this particular website is focussed heavily on women,  but don't fear I do photograph men too and you can see some of those images in my portfolios, it's just that I find that fellow women sometimes need the reminder that they are stunning creatures sent down from heaven without all that... "are they trying to get me into bed crap" you get in your head when you're dealing with a male.  Consider me your beautiful fairy godmother, sent down to capture you in all your glory without all that other stuff.

I have been a photographer for 5 years now and my business and life have gone from strength to strength since I started, I have a diploma or two hanging around somewhere at home but I really believe that my skills are not reflected in those particular pieces of paper but in the photographic ones that are hanging in homes from Invercargill all the way up to Kerikeri, yes that is how far my reach is, and I would be lying if I said i didn't absolutely love that aspect of my job. I will have you relaxed and enjoying yourself before you know it and at the end of it all you can choose some super pretty images to take home.

Before all that happens however I need to meet up with you in person, via skype or on the phone and discuss everything with you so we can get you in the know on everything you need to know. 

Please let me know if you would prefer a response via email or phone, the initial contact will take about 5-10 minutes by phone and just covers a basic introduction and setting up the meeting.  If the meeting is happening in person we will organise the time then and if the meeting is going to happen via skype or phone I will ask for your address so that I can physically send out the information you need to read through before it happens.

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I believe that one of the best things we can do as humans is to nurture a sense of self-care and to value who we are as a person.

My promise to you and the most exciting part of my job as a photographer is that I get to show you: YOU! Coming to a photoshoot with me is an experience and I promise you that by having that experience with me you WILL change the way you see yourself!

When you work with me, you have the opportunity to participate in a Fashion and Fine Art Photography experience like you never have before. With a little bit of dark whimsical imagination and a singular sense of articulate style; I want to help you create artful heirlooms that will become the prized possesions of your future generations, artwork that makes you feel like the most beautiful woman in the world- because to someone you are, and that is something I believe should be treasured, nurtured and brought forward to the surface on a daily basis.

What we offer


Our portrait sessions are just perfect for a location shoot for individuals, families, generational portraits or a few friends; after all when you are having an incredible experience why not share it with some incredible people. For me incorporating the environment into your portraits gives an added element and point of difference to your images.  Or you can take part in one of my studio days, where you will be secure from the weather, With my indoor studio work I like to create a look where the images are based more on you rather than where you are,  forget the brightly lit children's portrait photography you are used to for a moment and think rich and sumptuous images that bring out the best in you and your family.




Model Portfolios and Commercial Work

If you are a model or aspiring model then our fashion shoots and our fine art shoots are perfect for model portfolios and magazine submissions.  With an editorial feel they are fine art inspired and oh so gorgeous. Choose from a half day (4 hours) or whole day experience (8 hours) for model packages and to spec for anything business related.

I love working with businesses on images for social media and have worked with online boutiques, stores, bloggers and social media personalities to ensure that they have fresh content and great images to share on their social media accounts. In short I love capturing images that allow your clients and followers to get to know you, trust you (because you are trustworthy), and ultimately to be interested in whatever it is you are selling.

Please take a look around, we like to think that by having a poke around in all the information and glorious images on this site that you might come to know who we are as people.  We do this because we love it, and something we can promise you is that when you get your images back you will love your images as much as we do!

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If you are a model or aspiring model, or you want a commercial job done that will suit our style we would love to hear from you.  Here you can see more information on the types of services we offer and request a quote.

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