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About you

If you are a kind, generous, and awesome person who just loves art, fashion and style then YES! You and I are going to get on like chocolate and netflix! I love working with people who care about their surroundings and themselves, if you have a down-to-earth attitude then we will likely get on just fine!

I know Model Citizen wont suit every person out there- and i'm are fine with that- I want to work with people who, when they say " lets just watch netflix and chill" they actually mean lets watch netflix and chill!  I want to work with people who enjoy me for who I am and what I do, because that is what draws me to working in this industry.  After all- you don't want to work with people you don't particularly enjoy either do you?  I work at having a good balance at Model Citizen.  I bring out the beauty in everything and everyone.

You love things that are just a little bit quirky, you don't mind that things and people are of a different bent because you undrstand that's how to world revolves. I have a highly focussed intent on creating images with purpose, this is why if you are looking for your average portrait you've come to the wrong place.  While there is nothing wrong with having a nice portrait taken, it is just not what we specialise in here.  If you want a polished and professional look whether it be for commercial or personal use then I am totally the person you want to use!


Portraits are taken in studio and on location in Dunedin there is only 1 day per month that I take portraits, please be aware that spots fill up fast and we are often booked months in advance.  Read more about the portrait experience and ask for more information here.


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About Our Photographer

Hayley Walmsley
Photographer | Editor | Owner

Locations: Dunedin, Otago, and Christchurch, Canterbury
Other locations frequented: Auckland and Wellington New Zealand, and Sydney, Australia.

Hayley created the Model Citizen Business up after realising that if she was going to be poor she might as well be doing something she loved.  And thus started a journey into first studying with the Southern Institue of Technology and then after moving to Dunedin starting up this business.  These days she is a little less poor, but a lot happier.  She loves to focus on bringing out the beauty that is inherently in every single person she photographs.



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